It’s Snow Wonder I like New Hampshire…

As long as I have a nice fire in the fireplace, a good book and a hot drink, I love a snowy day. I love it if I don’t have to clear the driveway, take the trash to the street through deep drifts, traipse out the mailbox, trudge out to get the morning newspaper, or drive on slippery streets. mister gardener did a lot of that today.

In an all-day-winter-storm like we had today, my favorite pastime is putting my feet up in front of a roaring fire, glancing up every now and then to check snow accumulation. However, lest I sound a bit too inert, I do journey outside for walks in the yard with the dog, refill the bird feeders, sweep the steps of snow or take a few photos of snow laden branches. And here are some photos of the fluffy stuff today. Click on them if you want to see the snow falling. It was an especially beautiful snowfall.

Snow on White PineSnow on roadSnow on Feedersnow clearingAs evening approached, our driveway was finally cleared as the storm began to wane. Perfect timing. Snug again by the fire, one final glance out the window at dusk gave me the last hazy view of the meadow and the house lights of our neighbors, just minutes before the curtain of darkness fell over the field.

I love a snowy day!

Snow on Meadow

13 thoughts on “It’s Snow Wonder I like New Hampshire…

  1. Smart girl….I see you use safflower seed to discourage the undesirable birds! It costs more but lasts lots longer because those large flocks of nuisance birds leave it for our better breeds. Thanks, Mimi!
    Also, don’t forget to put out some nice bread and meat for the bears….or, are they in hibernation now, I guess?


    • Yes, this is my year to experiment with safflower seed. I’m not totally convinced it is my final choice but you’re right about one thing. Not all birds like it. Cardinals, chickadees, titmice are regulars… along with pesky house finches. My woodpeckers turn their noses up and I miss them, along with nuthatches. Finally added a second feeder with nuts and everyone seems happy. Had a big group of lovely pine siskins yesterday. They were looking for thistle. Oh well….


  2. Magnificent photos. They made me miss the snow and wish I was there but like you I would only enjoy it without the work, shoveling, etc…
    I get those darling pine siskins in San Diego, they like grass seed too. Maybe you could throw some on the snow.


    • OK, I have the grass seed. I’ll scatter a handful or two. Temperatures will plunge into single digits tonight. Birds will appreciate some substinance for survival.


  3. All we got in Gloucester VA was 8″ rain in two days! Driveway and road a mess and I have a flat tire (so much for brand new tires). What we have in common are lovely cozy fires!


    • Bring in more logs! You’ll be getting a blast of bitter cold. So are we up here in New Hampshire and we are expecting 5″ of snow on top of existing snow. It is lovely.


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