Holiday Traditions

Some years I’m just not ready for the hustle and bustle of Christmas when December 1 rolls around but, honestly… today was different. As if on cue, we awoke to snow this morning…  lovely large flakes of an early season storm that continued for the entire day. Watching the snow fall across the meadow and pond, a cup of coffee in hand, songs of the season on the radio, triggered a festive feeling in me. Greens I left outdoors overnight were embellished by lovely white trimmings.

GreensWe decided then and there to put on our coats and visit University of New Hampshire’s Seventh Annual Poinsettia Trials Open House. The event is held to display the school’s research and breeding information for breeders, growers, and the public. We were greeted by a massive poinsettia Christmas tree and over a hundred varieties of poinsettia plants in such all colors, shapes, size, and variegation, lining the halls and the greenhouses.

treegreenhouseWe were encouraged to vote for our favorites among the new varieties in different color groups or the novelty category. We had fun doing this along with lots of other visitors!


IMG_0016IMG_0007IMG_0051IMG_0049We then visited the greenhouse full of poinsettias for sale, all with splendid names. Can you guess what color we bought….?


IMG_0024Well, if you guessed we bought a red poinsettia, you’re right. Sometimes long standing traditions cannot be changed.

redIt’s Christmas Eve in Bedford Falls on television tonight. George Bailey, with help from his guardian angel, Clarence, will learn for the 66th year in a row that his life of sadness and regret is in fact, a life of prosperity, good fortune and love. I will watch (tissues in hand) the 1946 classic It’s A Wonderful Life  tonight and maybe one or two other times throughout the holiday. It’s another long standing tradition to ready me for the festivities and the reason for the season.

9 thoughts on “Holiday Traditions

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  2. It looks like Christmas there, I miss the snow. I like red the best too. I have a red one on my hearth. I can never seem to keep them healthy and alive. Don’t know what I do wrong.


    • I remember that dry heat and direct sunlight are the big enemies of a poinsettia. They don’t like drafts or over watering. Water when dry but don’t let them sit in standing water. Keep your plant cool (about 70°) and in indirect light and it should reward you through the season.


  3. Ah, tis’ the season for making jolly, sentimental tears! Like you I am sentimentally attached to the old Christmas classics. It is seldom a season, I don’t watch “White Christmas” with Bing, Roasemary, Vera, and Danny. I laugh along with the guys singing “Sisters” and tearfully weep with joy when bing finds his white horse knight status is returned. Traditions is what makes the season wonderful and remembering the joy it is to have good friends then, now, and the future as time is so short for each of us. God Bless each of us!


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