Sandy ain’t so dandy….

I walked the dog tonight in the light of an almost full moon. No breezes were stirring. Stars twinkled in the skies and the temperature hovered in the high 50’s…. sweater weather. It’s hard to imagine that astronomical high tides due to this beautiful full moon will align with Hurricane Sandy, a wintry weather system from the west, plus a frigid jet stream from Canada to send tropical force winds great distances inland, with significant rainfall and tidal storm surges along the east coast. We are thinking about our friends in Virginia and we are bracing ourselves for what may come to New Hampshire.

Local lobstermen are moving their traps to deeper waters where they fare better in rough seas and others are taking traps out of the waters. Communities have moved Trick or Treat night and schools will be soon closed. Today I jostled grocery carts with other shoppers stocking up on batteries, water, and some non-perishable goods. We will batten down the hatches, fill the bathtubs and pots with water and download a few iBooks to read in case we lose power. We’ve been through enough of these to know what to do. This will a serious storm but weather forecasting is not a perfect science. Perhaps Sandy’s ferocity will wane. We can keep our fingers crossed. Stay safe, friends….

7 thoughts on “Sandy ain’t so dandy….

  1. Back home, here, on the Bay, we’ve finished sandbagging and doing pretty much the same things that you have done. Nothing to do now except wait. Hope it isn’t too bad.
    God bless you.


  2. Like leduesorelle, I too am hoping for the best, expecting the worst….
    Hope those New England fish-and lobster-men stay out of the water; this will be another perfect storm.


  3. Soooo glad not to be sandbagging anymore BUT now we have a basement to worry about. We’ve been told that water will be our biggest enemy on Monday and Tuesday. We have tons of furniture stored down there, shrink-wrapped and just waiting for us to find the house we want to purchase.


  4. Things could be much worse than they are in Hampton Roads. Most have power, only a few trees down, lots of tidal flooding, but it is not Isabel. I think the people in Jersey, NY and Conn. have the most to fear. Stay safe yourself, and I love the new banner pic at the top.


  5. The storm did hit hard in our community. Flooding, loss of trees, loss of power but as far as I know tonight, no loss of life. Can’t wait for daybreak to see what Sandy really did to us.


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