Becoming tourists on the ‘Kanc’

After researching the best places to see fall color and taking advice from local folks, including mister gardener’s barber, we decided pay heed and join the throngs of Leaf Peepers on New Hampshire’s Kancamagus Highway, touted as some of the best viewing of fall color in New England.

This two-lane road connects the towns of Lincoln and Conway about 35 miles through the White Mountain National Forest, providing breathtaking views of trees of crimson, yellow, amber, purples, oranges and pine greens. The fiery reds and reds and brilliant oranges of maples scattered among the deep green pines and the soft honey yellows of beech and aspen provided a riotous contrast of color on the peaks and valleys of these mountains.

I was advised not to try to photograph a sweeping vista because it just wouldn’t have the impact of a closer photograph. But I was mesmerized and overwhelmed by nature’s crazy quilt… a multi-colored blanket of fall shades.

I went in for a closer shot…..

still closer…

Then I understood.

There were plenty of opportunities for water views whether lakes or streams, waterfalls or the bit of drizzle and haze we had that day.

And there was dazzling color wherever you looked….  whether blanketing the valleys, ascending the peaks or just a bright punch of color on the side of the road.

We had fun joining the procession of Leaf Peepers who were all enjoying and exploring the scenic views along the Kancamagus Highway, affectionately called the ‘Kanc’ by locals. I can see an annual tradition in the making…

10 thoughts on “Becoming tourists on the ‘Kanc’

  1. Wow, great pictures. Leaves haven’t started turning here in fact we are having 80 degree weather until Sunday! I can see now why so many make the pilgimage. Breathtakingly beautiful.


    • I thought the White Mountains would look very similar to Virginia’s mountains in the season but they’re so different. The drive is similar to the Skyline Drive, however.


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  3. Ann, Susan gave me your blog address and I’ve enjoyed reading several posts. You’re a good writer and you keep the topics interesting with your descriptive language and unique perspective. I’d thought I would blog this trip but didn’t get my page set-up in time and riding has been enough to do in a day. I’m looking forward to future posts.
    –Craig Snyder


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