There’s a new seedling in the garden!

A week ago,we were blessed with a new seedling in the family garden… a healthy new grandson. This tiny little sprout has drawn me away from my regular duties of gardening, blogging, etc. to spreading a bit of assistance wherever it’s needed for my daughter and her now family of three.

Before we know it, he’ll be stomping through mud puddles and trying to pull the dog’s tail, however, I’m truly looking forward to teaching another little one the joys and benefits of gardening and doing one’s duty in caring for this earth. I hope we can plant a ‘baby tree’ soon to grow with this little one the way my parents did for us. My siblings and I recently visited the Warwick (now Newport News) VA home where we were raised and the fully grown trees were a testament to our ages!

“A garden of love grows in a grandmother’s heart.”  Author Unknown

10 thoughts on “There’s a new seedling in the garden!

  1. Oh yes, we are ALL getting older as well as trees. I now go into the Ware Cemetary and walk around and see old friends on the stones. When I was a child, these were just names and dates. Yikes, I’m getting so old!


    • Hi Marion, Miss you, too! I heard through the Garden Club of Virginia’s Lily Show that you supplied the gorgeous lilies for Gloucester’s arrangement. You know it won an award….. Yea!


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