Rain Dance

I love a rainy day. Overnight the temperatures dropped and we awoke to a brisk chill in the air and wind blowing rain in sheets across the meadow. It’s the type of weather that makes one want to snuggle beneath the down comforter and just listen to the patter on the roof. The birds were happy, the gardens were happy and later, with a hot mug of java, I was happy to linger at the window and watch the activity at the bird feeders. There will be a slower pace today. No garden chores. No pulling the hose out to water the baby grass or the hydrangea in pots.

By noon, the storm intensified as I bundled up to walk the pooch in the yard. Blooms that stood tall and colorful yesterday, hung low and disheveled in the wind and rain.

The rain came down in buckets for the remainder of the day. Tomorrow may be a day to tidying up in the garden but today was a day to slow down the pace and enjoy the quiet.

4 thoughts on “Rain Dance

  1. Day 3 and the rain continues. All flowers lay in puddles on the ground. I’m seeing lots of MUD up here. On rainy days in Virginia, we had wet SAND. Here it is all MUD. Which is worse?


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