Swan Song

I visited an area today along the Oyster River that seems a cross between a park and a nature preserve. A small grassy area borders a busy street and a series of ponds are bordered by the Oyster River on the other side. It’s home to Mr. and Mrs. Swan. We can walk to the edge of the water and Mister Swan seems comfortable to swim and feed close by.

I think the photo above is Mr. Swan and the photo below must be Mrs. Swan, who is taking care of domestic duties on the nest far from shore. I could have their rolls reversed. They looked identical to me.

Both birds looked snug and content in their dwelling. They were totally at home…. which leads me to the next subject.

Home… The search goes on for a permanent domicile for us. In the meantime, I am doing a little gardening, planting perennials, mulching, and pulling weeds but no landscaping at all in a home that is only temporary. Since time is spent searching for something permanent for living, there is less time for other things… like blogging. This really isn’t a swan song but I’ll call it an intermission. I will jump back into the blog when something inspires me… a lovely garden, nature, birds, but blogging not so often.

Wish us luck that the house search goes well.

13 thoughts on “Swan Song

  1. Please don’t stop posting as I’ll miss them desperately. If you cannot write, please post pictures fo your gardening efforts, planting, mulching, etc. or possible homes you may buy. I know everyone misses you and if you don’t post something we will be very sad…


  2. I will miss your thoughtful and insightful posts. Take your time and enjoy the process of finding your new abode. Jump back into the blogging world anytime…all your fans will be waiting!


  3. I wish you luck but I will miss your wonderful photography and engaging blogs! I hope your hiatus will not be for too long! Hurry back!!


  4. We hope the area near your brothers is on the short list of places you are considering for a relocation. We will miss your blog.



  5. Unfortunately these beautiful swans are mute, the kind that displace the gentler native swans. Like you , they have left their homeland …


    • You are right, my friend. These swans were introduced in the 19th century and they are invasive and destructive. But they are beautiful to watch! Have you seen the tundras on the Ware River this season?


      • We miss you Annie! Breakfast Group hasn’t met since you left. Not once. We keep talking about getting together, but it never materializes. Sigh………..
        Haven’t met the folks in your old house yet. I heard they keep to themselves but they did buy the building that Angelwing Stationers is in and she’s moving out this week to a spot down the street. Change is good, don’t you think πŸ™‚


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