Cherry Blossom Time!

The yellows are slowly fading in this early spring landscape and the pinks are beginning to appear. A specimen tree in the middle of this lawn revealed its identity when its showy pink blossoms emerged last week. Blooming alongside its handsome copper colored leaves, the Kwanzan Cherry (Prunus ‘Kwanzan’) is considered by many the most beautiful flowering cherry. Up close, the double-pink blossoms are delicate and dainty, like the subjects of a fine watercolor painting. From a distance, the 20′ tree, boughs exploding with pink blooms, dances and bends in our powerful New England spring winds. But this Kwanzan Cherry has not surrendered for 20+ years which tells me that this is a tough zone 5 specimen that will continue to add punch to this landscape.

4 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Time!

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