Home from California!

A parade of spring yellows greeted me on returning from California… not the Keukenhof river of blooms I had envisioned but lovely daffodils, all varieties in shades of yellow, have burst into bloom in borders and clumps throughout the lawn.

Our yellow forsythia blooms are now just past prime with tiny green leaves unfolding everywhere.

Pots of yellow pansies that I planted earlier have thrived in the sunny days and cool New England evenings.

Throughout the grass, the dainty four-petaled white Bluets (Houstonia caerulea) with their yellow centers, dot the yard. This is one tiny wildflower that I don’t mind seeing in the lawn. If I could find a way to mow around them all, I would. They bloom profusely until July.

The only yellow I was not thrilled to see was the dandelion….. not one but dozens of them spread out like blankets over the lawn. There was not a hint of a weed in this yard a month ago. Now I know this lawn is besieged with hundreds of dandelions. My sleeves are rolled up. My work is cut out. I must eliminate them all before they go to seed.

6 thoughts on “Home from California!

    • Dandelion flower fritters? I eaten the greens but never the flower. With the number of plants here, I could be sustained all summer! I’ll search for recipes.


  1. Ah, a host of golden daffodils! What a beautiful site! Pick some and drive down to Daffodil convention in Towson Maryland this weekend. Here in Gloucester it is Lily of the Valley season and Peonies are beginning to bloom when you are just beginning the season.


    • Besides daffodils, we have bleeding hearts just beginning to bloom. I do see two borders with lilies of the valley just emerging. Great fun to see what the last gardener lovingly planted in these gardens. I feel a little kinship with her.


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