Forsythia in bloom…

Plenty of people I know look down their noses at forsythia. I admit that I once dug up and discarded a lovely forsythia shrub because I was influenced by negative opinion from a more experienced gardener. But I’m more confident now and I plant what makes me smile and forsythia really makes me smile. It brings back memories of my childhood, the full, naturally arching boughs that invited playtime beneath the branches.  It’s just beginning to bloom in this yard and although someone has pruned it into a sad light bulb shape, those tiny yellow blooms still capture the magic of spring.

8 thoughts on “Forsythia in bloom…

  1. The bright yellow blossoms join my early bulbs and lenten roses to let me know that spring is here. I love our forsythia bushes.


  2. Heartily agree with these sentiments! I find it strange that such a wonderfully cheerful and reliable plant is disliked by gardeners. Also the textures you have captured in the second image are superb!


    • Thanks for dropping in. Of all my garden tours in the Cotswolds, Hidcote Manor’s gardens topped my favorites list…. fabulous hedges and topiaries and paths and garden rooms. What a treat.


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