Let it snow!

White pines in snow

There is nothing more magical than waking to a blanket of snow from an overnight storm. I cracked open the door and listened. There was a sweet quietness as the snow covered every horizontal surface and muted all sound.

Snow is still falling this afternoon. Although we’re living in the north where no one seems intimidated by the white stuff, schools were delayed. I imagine kids must still in their pj’s sipping hot chocolate in front of a glowing, warm fire… or either next to the glow of a warm tv.  But this ‘kid’ and her dog ventured out into the storm of white.

Mattie loves a snowy day

Mattie loves a snowy day. She jumps. She runs. She eats snow. And she catches snowflakes on her tongue.

So do I…..  We love a snowy day!

20 thoughts on “Let it snow!

  1. Thank you for the photo’s Annie. I can imagine the quiet when stepping outside while all is covered with the white stuff. Beautiful.


  2. Makes me hanker for a moonlit, silent snow scene – but then I think about the cold… Florida for me, even tho our old dog is loving this sudden cold Ware Neck snap.


  3. It does look beautiful and inviting! I wish I could run all around out there and make a million angels.

    It’s a chilly 65 degrees in San Diego and promise of a big rain storm. I see lots of grey clouds but no rain yet.


  4. Today in Virginia we had 60 degree weather. The other day it was freezing Today, I saw my first daffodil in bloom. Old Man Winter seems to be fighting with Mother Nature and losing!


  5. Gosh, what have we missed. Sitting on a boat in swimming pool colored water of the Florida Keys with a Rum Runner, looking at the world’s largest sunset at the Starboard, and the world’s largest full moon at the Port, and darn, you get that beautiful white snow.

    Hey, we are back in Virginny now, and our day will come!!

    I love this site. Can’t wait to see what Spring brings there.


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