Primary Day

Newspapers, radios, TVs, tweets, blogs, Facebook, debates, speeches, campaign signs, the press, the candidates with their support teams and a sundry of followers… You name it. We’ve seen a lot the last few days in New Hampshire.  The village of Dixville Notch opened the Primary at midnight with 9 votes and a tie between Romney and Huntsman.  mister gardener and I are trying to keep up with it all while dodging the hoopla when we can.

One tiny breakfast restaurant in Portsmouth, Colby’s Breakfast and Lunch, where my daughter and son-in-law regularly dine on weekends, simply felt the customers had enough from campaigners. In the window went a sign, “No Politicians, No Exceptions.”

Colby's Breakfast and Lunch

You certainly cannot tell these ‘Live Free or Die’ New Hampshire citizens what to do or how to think. They have a mind of their own and they do seem quite leery of  politicians and the government.  It’s our first time for the New Hampshire Primary and it’s been educational and fun. Wow!

3 thoughts on “Primary Day

    • Susan and Mike laughed when they saw it. They said the young owner of this tiny restaurant serves the most delicious breakfast in Portsmouth.


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