Old Man Winter

December in New England was one of the warmest on record. Old Man Winter changed all that yesterday when temperatures dropped and howling wind gusts strong enough to knock you over greeted us upon arrival in New Hampshire. We arrived when darkness had fallen and awoke this morning 14˚ temperatures and 20 MPH gusts under beautiful, yet deceiving sunny skies.  Who would go out in this weather? New Englanders, that’s who…. and mister gardener who couldn’t find the coffee machine. Bundled up, he ventured out to find coffee and came back with Dunkin’ Donut java, only to discover they added cream and sugar. He drove back to the store. “I asked for regular,” he told them. “Well….” the lady said. “Regular around here means cream and sugar.” We’re learning!

New England residents seem to be immune to the bone chilling wind.  We’ve watched several joggers in wool hats and gloves breeze past like it was a balmy 60˚.  We see dog owners walking briskly along the road. Then our old dog, Mattie, staring out across the moor gave us the heads up to a little ice hockey game that was getting started.

Even though it was a warmer 20˚ outdoor by this time, it made me shiver to watch them.

7 thoughts on “Old Man Winter

  1. I meant to come by to say goodbye but I couldn’t get you on the phone. Then again, I hate goodbyes I want to always say ‘Hello’ to you and Mr Gardener. Please keep a spare room ready for me. You never know when I may pop in to say ‘Hello.’ PS: Do I need to send you warm woolen stocking hats to keep you warm?


    • Yes, the 40’s sound very warm to me. Family made sure I had the right outerwear for these frigid temps but still haven’t ventured outside.


    • Thanks for visiting! I’ll spend the winter studying gardening in the Northeast. Your blog is a one stop encyclopedic garden resource and I’ll be there investigating and exploring for my new gardens.


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