Christmases Past

Christmas is here. It has arrived. If you visited us during the holiday season, Santa greeted you at the door but that’s where all signs of Christmas ended.  There are no holiday greens inside the house. As our household items are being carefully wrapped in paper and packed in boxes and our furnishings being loaded piece by piece on the moving van, it’s hard not to feel a sense of being way out of step this year. We visit friends whose mantles, doors, tables, trees are adorned with ornamentation and we return home to zero Christmas trimmings. We’re not sad about it but it’s a bit of a numbing feeling.

We’ve never been all about Invasion of the Christmas Lights or Celebrity Holiday Homes but we always have enough red and green in recognition of the season.

Meaningful handmade ornaments from friends and family have been used to trim our tree, a tree that had to be perfect in every way.  Now, for the first time in our lives, we have no Christmas tree. Ornaments are safely boxed and loaded on the moving van.

On Christmas Day, we will gather one last time with family before we head out of the state.  Instead of exchanging gifts this year, my siblings and I have donated to charities that are meaningful to us, an idea that puts a song in my heart.  And, due to the move, mister gardener and I have also decided to ‘skip’ gift exchanges this year, too.

However, I’ve been a pretty good girl this year.  So shhhhh….. I’m leaving a short list and two cookies next to the fireplace: wool socks, a heavy sweater, spikes for my boots, earmuffs or warm mittens. I think any of these are necessities to help prepare me for what might greet us in New Hampshire. Thanks Santa!

4 thoughts on “Christmases Past

  1. Annie, merry Christmas to you and Mr. Gardener. I will miss seeing you around these parts… it has been fun sharing the love of flowers and gardening. I have a dear friend in York harbor, maine who loves gardening too. I hope to introduce you two. Best to you with the move. Xo


  2. I love your decorations. So beautiful and creative. I will miss you…
    Love to you and Mr. Gardener.
    This time last year it was snowing here.


  3. I’m looking forward to next year’s photos – by then you will be unpacked and have a tree decorated with all your treasures! In the meantime I expect to be following your great adventure on these pages. Am especially interested in how Mr Gardener will fill his time…
    Bon voyage!


  4. I will miss you Anne and Mr Gardener passing by the gallery 3-4 times a day;-) Even though I am sad you are no longer a Ware Neck-er, I’m so happy for the two of you, now foot-loose and fancy free! But as Linda’s Robert sacasticaly said at your fairwell party, “yup, if I was gonna move to New England, I’d do it in the dead of winter.” (chuckle chuckle)
    We will miss you at Breakfast Group. Fairwinds my friend and stay in touch.


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