We never thought it would happen this soon…

… but after some short weeks on the market, we sold our home on the North River in Ware Neck, Virginia and we’re heading out on a new adventure.  We might be crazy but we’re heading north for the winter months to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Having a newlywed daughter and a college-aged son in New Hampshire, it seemed the perfect place to try something new. We’ll be packing up and shipping out next month. I’m excited to blog as a private citizen and not for the garden club about the flora and fauna of zone 5.  Who knows what we’ll find in New Hampshire (besides snow)? Stay tuned….

11 thoughts on “We never thought it would happen this soon…

  1. I am sad to lose another Va. garden blogger, but as long as your accent doesn’t change, I will look forward to posts from your new life. I wish the two of you the best.


  2. Very sad to see you go, but know that you will make friends and fun wherever you go! Shall also miss Mr gardener! Be sure and also keep us posted about his new life.


  3. Thank you for these comments. We are looking on this move as a Great Adventure. We look forward to new challenges… especially gardening in zone 5. My mind is buzzing with landscape ideas and we don’t even have a house yet!


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