Good Night Irene…

Irene, I am truly seeing you in my dreams and hoping you won’t turn into my worst nightmare. In Virginia, the hurricane should pass offshore during the wee hours of Sunday, August 28. On shore, we expect high winds and coastal flooding. Today we stayed busy around the yard securing chairs, wheelbarrows, dog bowls, porch furniture, boat, etc. We know the routine. We’ve done this before. The dogs know somethings up. The cats suspect there a change in the air.  The hummingbirds are emptying the feeders as fast as I can fill them.  The only creatures on the property without a care are the goldfish in the pond. They’re already underwater and a little wind won’t ruffle their fins. The rest of us are staying glued to the projected path of the approaching hurricane.

Ann Hohenberger, The Garden Club of Gloucester

2 thoughts on “Good Night Irene…

  1. I’ve lived through many, many hurricanes…..We live on the water and I’ve always noticed that if the sea birds start coming in and hunkering down in the woods that means trouble. So far, as of today, Thursday, no sign of the birds:)


    • I’ve been watching the sea birds since I read your comment. So far I’ve seen only a few seagulls, an egret, one osprey and a couple of fish crows. Not many birds on the river at all but they’re not in our woods…. yet!


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