5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

    • Our longest snake is the rat snake that can reach 8′ at maturity. I saw a 6′ one recently. These are not bad snakes and do take care of a big rodent population in North America. Two years ago, someone was given permission to release wild bunnies in our area (grrrrr…! They didn’t ask me.) and now we have a big population of bunnies. With that rodent influx comes the rat snake to balance the population. We are seeing many of both animals. Those who don’t like snakes should think twice about fiddling with nature. Every action has a reaction… good or bad.


    • He was breathtakingly beautiful but glad the wedding guests didn’t notice him. I saw one person with their shoes off cooling their feet in the pond. Yikes! We could have had a stampede from the reception. But this fella would not bother anyone unless cornered or threatened. I rearranged the rocks and took out some thick grasses last year so he did not feel as welcome this year. He had nowhere to hide. In two days, he was gone.
      Love your nature blog on Little Crum Creek!


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