The Bride and Blooms…

When friends and family got involved in the plans for my daughter’s wedding this weekend, I could breathe a sigh of relief. The bride and groom wanted a small church wedding with a home reception in the gardens. My duties were very clear…. to make sure the gardens were healthy, weed free, edged and well-mulched. With the help of Jerry, my new yard helper, and mister gardener, and the garden hose, that feat was accomplished.

And with the generosity from friends from my garden club who shared the bounty of their gardens and those who generously shared their talents and arranged bouquets, boutonnières and table decorations and those who arranged the church flowers, the weekend was an enchanted garden of blooms. The bride’s preference for natural collections of flowers with hydrangeas, roses and herbs in a light and loose presentation gave friends the opportunity to share what was in bloom from their gardens. Queen Anne’s Lace gathered from fields added a touch of delicate lightness.

From the Crab Crack in a rainstorm beneath the big tent on Friday eve, all witnessed the rainbow that followed and brightened the evening skies giving the couple a positive sign that their wedding day would be a good one.


And thanks to all those who helped, it certainly was!

Ann Hohenberger, The Garden Club of Gloucester


4 thoughts on “The Bride and Blooms…

    • We were lucky to have good weather. It rained the day before and the day after but she danced beneath the stars with her groom after her wedding…..


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