There’s no place like home…

It took more than clicking my heels together three times but we arrived back to our respective homes safe and sound. After seeing some of the most beautiful sights and spectacular gardens in several European cities, there is nothing to compare to being back home surrounded by plants that have been planted and nurtured by us. mister gardener held down the fort and was proud to show me his photographs taken in my absence. I missed the blooming of the snowbell trees (Strax japonica), one pink and two white. I missed them last year, too, but this year I have very nice photographs of the blooms at their peak. mister gardener’s roses have done beautifully and I have the proof in his pictures.

Vegetables are doing well. One of mister gardener’s tomato plants, all grown from seed, has produced a tomato the size of a tennis ball. On my side of the yard, chickweed has been replaced by crabgrass and biting Mayflies have been replaced by tiny mosquitoes that invade, bite and leave before you have a chance to swat.

My favorite photograph taken by mister gardener is this fabulous one of a young blue grosbeak at the pond. The colors puzzled me until a serious birder identified it as a 1st year male, born last year, that will receive full breeding plumage the second year after hatching. What a photograph! Click for a closeup view.

Ann Hohenberger, The Garden Club of Gloucester

5 thoughts on “There’s no place like home…

  1. Wow, those photos are great. I love all those beautiful roses around that beautiful white fence. I bet it is hard to leave a garden like that – especially in May.


  2. What a beautiful big garden, mine is very small, much too small.

    You arrived home in time before flight delays due to the recent Icelandic Volcanic eruption:)


    • We did just miss the volcanic 2011 eruption! But I was affected last year when I flew home from England. We were lucky we weren’t stranded like so many others, however we were routed far, far around the plume.


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