Les Fleurs de Paris

When 3 sisters called with a plan to meet in Paris at the flat of a generous friend, my hesitation was measured in fractions of a second. We’ve been on the ground for less than 24 hours and have spent hours walking through our small neighborhood, quaint and intimate yet hardly quiet… you see, we arrived on May Day, a national holiday similar to Labor Day in America. Falling on a weekend, our neighborhood was bursting with activity… crowds… couples, families, street music, foods, bicycles, roller blades, and flowers… lots and lots of flowers. Lily of the Valley is the traditional flower to present to friends and we saw plenty of bouquets being sold and being carried by kindred spirits. Yes, we were swept up in the excitement of the holiday and we purchased our own lily of the valley bouquet at a neighborhood florist.

As the day drew to a close, we saw the crowds thinning out, slowing down, resting and we took that as a good sign to head back to the flat and follow suit.

Ann Hohenberger, The Garden Club of Gloucester

3 thoughts on “Les Fleurs de Paris

  1. The French and their flowers; not to mention their wine and chocolate. At the royal wedding in London on Friday they chose lillies of the valley as the primary flower, and it is Queen Elizabeth’s favorite. Here in humble Richmond, I have a plot of native lilly of the valley, which always is a hit with garden visitors.


  2. What a wonderful day to be in Paris – May 1

    Lily of Valley is one of my favorite flowers…. smell is intoxicating but don’t eat the plant as it is deadly.


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