The Morning After

The hum of chainsaws can be heard above the singing of the birds this morning in the Glen Roy area of Ware Neck following Saturday’s tornado that touched down in Gloucester County.  Ripping through 14 states, more than 243 twisters from a large-scale storm system moved through the Midwest ending up hitting North Carolina the hardest before tearing through areas of Virginia.

Today, main roads have been reopened in Ware Neck and power has been restored to the area for most residents. When you venture outside, you see people with chainsaws traveling out to assist their neighbors. Friends who were impacted in the Glen Roy neighborhood feel fortunate this morning that they are safe. Cleanup, rebuilding, replanting in Virginia is beginning as residents and officials come together to assist those impacted by the storms.

Ann Hohenberger, The Garden Club of Gloucester

6 thoughts on “The Morning After

  1. Ann,
    Always thoughtful and understanding! So kind of you to mention those of us suffering at Glen Roy and in Glen Roy Estates. It is the loss of our beautiful, beautiful shade trees that hurts the most. Houses can be repaired, but not the trees.


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