We Took Our Chances…

We headed north to visit two of our children for the Thanksgiving holiday where we took our chances with weather in New Hampshire. Temperatures hovered around 70 degrees in Virginia when we left for the airport and temperatures greeted us at close to 30 degrees in New England. For three idyllic days we bundled up and enjoyed the brisk weather of the mountains in the Lake District.

Beautiful conifers and pines dot the landscape but there was not much left on decidious trees and shrubs except gorgeous berries.

The most glorious berry seen in this little village on Lake Meredith is the winterberry (Ilex verticillata) found in every home landscape, a multitude of foundation plantings, growing on the side of the roads and in the woodlands, on mountainsides, and used in decorations for fall, Thanksgiving and for Christmas.

Our luck with blue skies ran out this morning when we awoke to freezing rain then snow.  No more walks today but it is a winter wonderland… the red winterberries and a light snow and glistening ice. For us today is not Black Friday, it is Icy Friday.

Ann Hohenberger, The Garden Club of Gloucester

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