Smashing Pumpkins

Is your Halloween pumpkin still sitting on your front porch looking a little tired and droopy or sagging a bit?  Are you thinking about throwing it away and buying a fresh one for Thanksgiving? Don’t throw that old pumpkin in the trash. Compost it. Mixed with leaves and grass and other composting materials, it’ll soon disappear and enrich the earth with nutrients.  If you don’t have a compost, start one. Easy instructions are here. If you’d like to find a community compost where you can give your pumpkin a home, call your city and ask.  Also, many garden businesses have composts and are happy to take pumpkins off your hands. Pictured below is the compost at Brent & Becky’s Bulbs where smashing pumpkins is a community sport.

Ann Hohenberger, The Garden Club of Gloucester

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