Almost Wordless Wednesday

With my neighborhood art friends, I just completed a project with tile and ceramic. Some neighbors chose to tile tables. I chose to decorate the bowl of a birdbath with broken pieces of ceramic plates, marbles, rocks and bits of tile. After 48 hours, my little creation was dry enough to position in a sunny garden border where, within minutes, the resident mockingbird claimed ownership.  Of course, the new birdbath was on the fringe of his patrolled territory between the Foster’s holly and the 8′ tall knock out roses.  Now, instead of flying from shrub to tree and back, he perches on the edge of his private spa where he is KING.

Ann Hohenberger, The Garden Club of Gloucester

6 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday

    • Do it! I wrapped colorful plates in a towel and hit them with a hammer until I had the right size pieces. The grout was an epoxy mix from Lowes. If I made another, I’d use shells from the shore and artifacts we’ve dug from the ancient house that burned on this site.


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