Looking for Fall Color

It was quite a storm that swept up the Atlantic coast yesterday and today. From North Carolina to Pennsylvania, the mid-Atlantic received a soaking with flooding causing evacuations. Norfolk Navel Station registered 17.44 inches of water. Sunny skies will return to the east tomorrow and the Northeast is now bracing for the heavy rains. Like us, they need a end to dry weather… just not all in one day.

I drove out of Tidewater this morning in the messy, heavy rains that did not let up until I was well into the mountains. The clouds were heavy over the peaks but they could not hide the blue ridges so familiar to Virginians.

Click to see first reds

As I traveled I searched for signs of fall color in the trees but it was too early. Maples here and there gave a hint of what was to come but the dominant color was green… and brown. It was distressing to see the number of trees that have not survived the drought of 2010. I passed mountain after mountain revealing sad faces of dead mature trees.

The brightest flame of color came up suddenly on the side of the road, a shocking scene of a car in an explosion of flames. The occupants of the car were safe and standing a great distance from the fire. I could hear the sirens of help behind me as we were waved along in a caravan of stunned drivers.

It was not the flames of fall color I was looking for but it certainly made me thankful that my journey was made in safety.

Ann Hohenberger, The Garden Club of Gloucester

4 thoughts on “Looking for Fall Color

  1. Car fires are very scary.

    I thought that perhaps you might have been at the Tidewater Council meeting in Suffolk this past Wednesday. I was the guest speaker, and this was the largest group I have ever spoken to. Everyone was very gracious, thanked me profusely and asked lots of good questions. They also bought a good portion of what I brought for show and tell, which is always a good thing.


  2. No, I was not there. Too bad. Sounds like I missed a perfect presentation and you can be sure I would have walked away with several of your show and tells. I love Smithfield Gardens.


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