Out of the Camera of Babes…

It’s been the summer of visits from children and grandchildren with today being the conclusion of week 6.  With a houseful of children, it’s been difficult to make time for blogging and photographs so the assignment went to a 9-year old.  Here are his views of what he thinks is interesting in this yard…. and it’s definitely not my gardens he likes!

The pond is somewhere at the end of this path...

Dinner is served!

Old Mattie stratches an itch...

Hummingbird battles are always entertaining...

No doves in the dovecote but inhabited by bluebirds!

Close to 50 hummers crowd around the feeders this summer.

I threw this in to show why no one swam this summer!

Ann Hohenberger, The Garden Club of Gloucester

9 thoughts on “Out of the Camera of Babes…

  1. I am jealous of his photography skills! What a great assignment for a 9-year-old. And y’all laughed when I ran out of the water…


  2. I can not believe the numbers of jellyfish in the bay this summer. I hope it is not some sign of global climate shift. By the way, thank you for the birthday greetings on your blog. I have been away for a while and am just now catching up on all the blogs.


    • Les, sometimes Blogger just won’t allow WordPress to leave comments so birthday wishes had to come from the GCV blog.

      Your trip to PA made me want to plan a return visit. I know how amazing the area is. Your skill at capturing local surroundings with a camera is impressive. You have the eye.

      I’m waiting for someone to give a good explanation for all the jellyfish. I worry, too…


  3. I just saw a PBS special that said that population blooms of jellyfish around the world are due to rising temperatures, ocean currents, oxygen poor water, human activity and overfishing. They might be here to stay!


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