Keukenhof Gardens

It was cold, blustery and rainy when we visited the Keukenhof Gardens near Amsterdam but we were quite warmed by the breathtaking colors in the bulbs, the shrubs and perennials in the over 80-acre garden.  Open only from March to May, the garden receives approximately 800,000 visitors from all over the world during these few short weeks. Approximately 7,000,000 bulbs have been planted by hand each year since 1949 by growers all over the Netherlands to exhibit their hybrids.

We spent the entire day here with Brent and Becky exploring the ten miles of paths and seven inspirational gardens, indoor exhibits, art exhibits, gift shops, flower arrangements, lakes, fountains and so much more. Despite inclement weather, the garden was quite crowded.  We saw people of all ages braving cold temperatures and drenching rain from babes in strollers to the elderly.  We shared their enthusiasm.

Click to enlarge photos.

8 thoughts on “Keukenhof Gardens

    • The vivid sweeps of color was dazzling eye candy to me but I could never garden like this either. I am glad to add a check by Keukenhof on my life list of gardens I want to visit. I’ll stop by a couple of others in England on my way home… and maybe post photos.


  1. Ann, your pictures make me feel like I was right there with you. I have never been to Keukenhof. What a feast for the eyes! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures and commentary with your friends.


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