Touched By A Rainbow

The strangest phenomenon occurred during dinner tonight.  Mister gardener and I were just finishing our meal when he shouted, “Rainbow!” I glanced up to see a brilliant rainbow moving along the shoreline of the river.  It was raining but bright outside when I grabbed my camera and ran toward the water. Probably an illusion, but for a few seconds I felt I could reach out and touch the colors.

Part of the excitement was the pot of gold that would surely be on the beach but the other part of the excitement was being this close to a rainbow.  I never thought it was possible.

The colors in the rainbow were bright. I could almost see distinct red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet move out of my reach. I was joined by mister gardener at the shoreline as the rainbow drifted across the river.  At one point it was joined by a weaker twin.  Within two minutes both rainbows were over a mile away.

By the way, unless our treasure is buried in the sand, there was no pot of gold on the beach. Rats.

Ann Hohenberger, The Garden Club of Gloucester

8 thoughts on “Touched By A Rainbow

    • It was a thrill and a bit surreal. I may have been inside the rainbow but I couldn’t tell. I would not have been surprised to see Rod Serling standing on the pier telling me I was entering The Twilight Zone…


    • Oh wow. It could have slowly moved towards the east from Richmond. I’m so glad it visited us. We watched it until it disappeared over the horizon.


  1. Growing up at waters edge I saw many, many beautiful rainbows, but none so close up as this phenomenon, you lucky one! Thanks for capturing it on film.


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