A Walk In The Snow

The blowing and drifting snowstorm arrived today bringing about 8″ of snow so far to the Tidewater area.  Virtually all of Virginia experienced snow with some areas blanketed by a foot or more.  Thankfully, mister gardener and I did not have to venture out by vehicle.  A short afternoon walk was invigorating however, especially for the dogs who love a romp in snow.  Back inside, mister gardener kept the fires burning and we could stretch out and enjoy a good book and/or browse through a stack of seed catalogs.  We have not lost power and all is well.

Tomorrow should bring sunny skies and possibly warm enough weather to begin the big melt. Here’s a snapshot of what it looked like in Gloucester VA today.  Love to know how the rest of the state fared!

And so we started out...

Take a shortcut through the porch? No such luck. The door was frozen shut.

There's nothing like snow to bring out the puppy in an old dog

Yummy, it tastes like SNOW!

Snow was shaken from boughs that hung dangerously low under the weight.

More than 50 birds fed beneath and around several feeders. Some like this Carolina Wren sought shelter among the clay pots and driftwood.

A dark-eyed junco, frosty and cold, marched slowly back to shelter beneath the cotoneaster.

This gave me a start but it's only a faux feathered friend. It's a good reminder to keep birds well supplied with food in harsh weather.

Ann Hohenberger, The Garden Club of Gloucester

15 thoughts on “A Walk In The Snow

  1. Ann, as always your photos are breathtaking. In Richmond we had over 12″ of snow and it is still very cold so no melting is in sight!!


  2. Annie,
    Love your photos. Your mom’s back garden was a wonderland. They haven’t plowed our streets, but Jamestown Road is clear.
    Had Maddie and Emily for the weekend, and we had such fun sledding down our hill. So much for the daffies that were coming up. The neighbor across the street has some blooming.


    • If I had been in Williamsburg over the weekend, I would have been on the hill with Maddie and Emily. I miss our sledding days on the golf course and thawing out adventures at the Inn. xoxo


  3. Ann..love your photographs…they all remind me of why I love the seasons of Virginia. There is beauty in everything, isn’t there? Come across the river and see me when the roads are cleared! Katya


  4. Annie,
    Nina, Jack, Scott and I went to the Blue Talon for dinner tonight and then Jack drove down the Duke of Gloucester Street in the Jeep. The magic of Colonial Williamsburg was alive. It was as if we were in the 18th century. If we could have had your eye and your camera, the GCV would have seen the most magical sight in the ice and snow. Do you remember the donuts we did at the Capitol? Jack refused to do it.
    Love, Daisy


  5. Nina and Rosemarie and anyone else who had a hand in it are to be congratulated for getting you involved in this last year, Ann! Stoke of genius! Your blog contributions are wonderfully educational and entertaining, and your photos are spectacularly breathtaking. Thanks so much for the time, thought and energy you put in this.

    And yes, Knock knock, who’s there, Spring? Spring who? Spring Into action!


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