SNOW is on the way!

Have you seen the national weather map? A major storm is knifing through the lower Mississippi Valley.  You name it, they have it: snow, ice, flooding rains, thunderstorms. And this major system is sliding eastward to the mid-Atlantic area.  They tell us it’s going to be messy, folks. By tonight snow may begin to fall in Virginia and by Saturday morning we will experience a major winter snowstorm.

Just gazing out the window, it’s hard to believe that a winter storm is on the way.  The sun is shinning. The sky is blue.  Winds are light and out of the Northeast at 5 to 10 MPH.  The eagles are soaring above the river. The labs are napping in the grass just soaking up the rays from the sun.

Little Gem magnolia today

Thank goodness for weather forecasting.  We have primed the generator.  We have stocked up on water and other goods.  A fresh cord of wood is neatly stacked and ready.  The bird feeders are filled. Events that needed to be canceled have been canceled.

Little Gem magnolia may look much like this on Saturday

The foot or more of snow in Tidewater will surely create havoc for travel on the ground and in the air.  But we, mister gardener, the dogs, the cats and I, plan on a day of hibernation.  We are prepared like little squirrels with our food and warmth in our little nest.  We will try not to think about the travel mayhem across the state.  When we venture out, it will be on foot to enjoy the splendor of a winter wonderland.

Here’s hoping that everyone will stay safe and can appreciate the beauty that the snow will bring to the landscape.

Ann Hohenberger, The Garden Club of Gloucester

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