Garden of Healing

As the world responds to the Haitian earthquake tragedy, graphic coverage unfolds on television burning the shocking images into our minds.  For some of us, the news can be personal as it was for our support group that comes together several times a year to package children’s vitamins for The Haiti Mission. Although our hearts and financial support go out to the Haitian people and others residing there, these devastating events can take an emotional toll on us and we must look for ways to stop and get our bearings.

For some, the act of gardening can provide a soothing, healing respite and just the simple act of potting a few plants in a planter is a bit of therapy.  Gardening is a healthy activity and can lift your spirit.  Just seeing the green of live plants and having hands in soil can help to remove tension and add welcomed therapeutic benefits.

Each winter I purchase several tiny low-light plants from Lowes or Home Depot in small containers for a centerpiece on the dinning room table.  Using aquarium gravel for the base, I add potting soil, then a variety of small plants that thrive throughout the cold months. This year the small task of indoor gardening took on a larger role for me.  Trying to weather storms of tragedy, the simple activity of indoor gardening and therapy seem to be related and, for me, both appear to be deeply rooting in the soil.

Ann Hohenberger

3 thoughts on “Garden of Healing

  1. It’s nice to read about the healing properties of gardening and how it helps brighten things for you.
    In past years, I’ve done that with paperwhites, and then, just as they begin to bloom, I give them away — for double the happiness. Something about seeing a friend smile does the same thing.


    • Jonah, that’s a great idea. Giving away the paperwhites to a friend is almost like having them bloom twice.

      A lot of my gardening therapy comes straight from Lewis Ginter. You do it all so well…


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