Another One Bit The Dust

On a calm afternoon recently, another of our maple trees fell. This gigantic tree was so tall that it fell across the yard, through the bamboo grove, with the canopy spreading across our neighbors’ lane.  A phone call from our neighbor sent mister gardener scurrying with his chain saw to help clear enough of the mangled boughs and branches to allow their invited dinner guests, due to arrive shortly, enough space to squeeze around the tree with their cars.

This fallen maple tree prompted mister gardener to have the two trees that lay on the frozen ground removed.  On the day of the removal, we were told that one other old maple was completely hollow and could fall at any time.  Oh, but I was very fond of this tree with the many pockets, a tree that I passed every day on my walk. I could visualize just taking the crown and leaving the trunk as a snag for animals of all sorts.

Because of the location, mister gardener made the decision to take the entire tree and I think his decision was the right one.  At the end of a long day, our three old friends made the journey off the property together. They have left us with a big empty space in the yard where they stood for many, many years.  Where there was once shade, there is now full sun. It is much too bare and I am already on the case, trying to decide what trees plant in place of our maples.

The site is well away from salt water in slightly acid soil.  Any suggestions?  I know one thing: whatever I choose, the new trees will have mighty big shoes to fill.

Ann Hohenberger, The Garden Club of Gloucester

7 thoughts on “Another One Bit The Dust

  1. Bamboo trees always remind me of the landscape of the Oriental….. Perhaps you can grow Japanese maples: Acer palmatum or Acer japonicum.

    I think they are smaller trees and there several varieties with different foliage colours… the weeping one is very nice:)


  2. Robin and Lois, I see that I will have to study the maples and make a decision, although mister gardener, a Midwesterner, would love to plant just grass. I already have some Japanese maples but not a weeping one. Good idea.

    We inherited our bamboo forest. It is fun and surprisingly well-behaved. We like to share it with friends who use the stakes in their vegetable gardens in the spring.


    • Well-behaved bamboo? LOL…. I think you have the good variety. Not all bamboo plants are invasive:) Even the nasty one can be controlled if planted in a large container.

      Bamboo forest in Virginia… wow that is amazing:) I love to hear the sound of bamboo leaves in a gentle breeze….It brings the memory of my home country (Indonesia).


      • Lois, I think I have the invasive variety but it is just a thicket. Thank goodness it has not moved in 10 years. I walked through a larger bamboo ‘forest’ once and it was dramatic. The homeowner had added several water features and chimes. It could have been a garden in Indonesia.


    • Now I like these trees. Yellowwood has been on my short list of must-haves for several years. My first thought was one of the magnolias but I had not thought of the umbrella magnolia. Like that. Silverbell sounds beautiful. Do you like serviceberry? It’s also on my short list. Thanks for the advice.


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