Resolutions or Not?

George Carruth's Smiling Man watches over gardens.

It’s a tradition in this household on New Year’s Day to take stock of how we are living our lives and set some simple positive goals for the next year and beyond. We share our goals with each other while we dine on pork (forward feeding animal represents prosperity), sauerkraut (mister gardener is German and this is his custom), black eyed peas (apparently an ancient Jewish custom adopted by Southerners around the Civil War time) and kale (not sure why we eat this in the South on New Year’s Day but mister gardener grows it just for me).

New Year’s resolutions are tricky things. From long experience I know the same ones can end up on the list year after year after year. Sharing our goals on New Year’s Day seems to make them more attainable and realistic. Nothing is set in stone and we are supportive and encouraging. A Tidewater Gardener summed it up best when he said, “Perhaps the best use of this time of year is to reflect on what brought us to this point, changes we would like to make and where would we’d like to go.”  That statement coupled with his photos of a new dawn over the Eastern Shore seems to sum it all up.

For the garden, I added a few firm resolutions to my list: 1. Use more cultural controls and reach for pesticides as a last resort. 2. Take long overdue soil samples this year. 3.  Take better care of my tools. 4. Curb my impulsive nature to over buy. 5.  Compost, compost, compost.

Ann Hohenberger, The Garden Club of Gloucester

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