It’s Christmas morning and the only creatures stirring are mister gardener and me.  Two sleeping offspring are still snug in their beds. Who knows if visions of anything dance in their heads?  The gifts are all wrapped and under the tree just waiting for chaos that will surely be.

All the early morning activity is taking place in the kitchen. The turkey is in the oven, the stuffing is made, and pies, cakes and Christmas candies are in nature’s deep freeze on the porch. Mister gardener has harvested all that he can from the winter garden.  Brussels sprouts and broccoli will be on the menu for a late afternoon meal served to 18 family members.

We are looking forward to a magical day. Here’s wishing you the best of the holiday season and an appreciation of  of the wonders of our natural world.

Ann Hohenberger, The Garden Club of Gloucester

6 thoughts on “Twas…

  1. Thank you for those wonderful photos, as well as the picture your words created in my mind. I’m now sitting amongst palm trees in southern California but having grown up in New York and northern Wisconsin (and Vancouver BC) I still miss a snowy Christmas. I think those childhood feelings never go away, so thank you for the gift of these memories.
    Merry Christmas.


  2. I love greenhouses too, Ann. There’s something so cozy and peaceful about them, especially in the winter when there’s snow all around.
    The Jr. Orangerie is my favorite. I think I could move into that one. Then I would have a little kitchen garden just outside the door (outside the door of the greenhouse, since I’ll be living in there) – in the open air, in the spring. That’s my fantasy.
    I love the photos on your blog. I’m originally from the east coast so they bring back great memories. I look forward to watching your pix – and reading – as the seasons change.
    Happy New Year!


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