Splish Splash. We’re Taking A Bath

Downpours in our area four days ago and an all day soaker today have left Tidewater engorged and the rain has no place to go.  We’ve had flooded roads and full ditches and a washout of our small bridge crossing our natural pond. With freezing rain, wintry mixes and blizzard conditions in other areas of the country, our wet weather is not of interest to anyone but those of us mired in it.  Mister gardener’s fancy dancy weather station does not like the waterlogged weather either.  It is refusing to show us how many inches of rain we’ve accumulated.

Temperatures hovered in the 40’s today and the rain did not let up.  I canceled my Christmas shopping plans and wrapped Christmas gifts all morning, followed by a mid-afternoon beat-the-bounds walk to see how the soggy property was faring.

Even the high and dry field stone path puddled water around my feet

Water streamed off the roof all day onto camellias, laurels and foster hollies

At least the bald cypress is planted in the right place!

Our natural pond spills past the cattails

The only animal I encountered on my wet and wild walk was this Great Blue

Goldfish pond is high and the fish are liking it

The perfect words to describe our weather appeared in cascading water in a drainage ditch today.

There has been no weather alert for flooding and my tiny WeatherBug on my computer has not begun its chirping. All signs point to drying weather and a bit of sunshine tomorrow!  Hurrah.

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