Ida, Go Home!

Today's rainfall....Tropical Storm Ida, we’ve had enough! The dogs, the cats, mister gardener and I, the plants, the trees, the shoreline, the pier… we’ve all had enough. You caught us by surprise.  Instead of bringing us blustery, inclement weather, you just had to merge with that low front in North Carolina to bring us The Perfect Storm, a Nor’easter.

Did we lose a huge old maple yesterday (Wed.)?  Yes. Did it take power lines with it?  Yes.  Could we then start our generator? No. Did the maple fall across our lane blocking our exit by car? Yes. Thank goodness a kindly neighbor met mister gardener at the end of the lane for a trip to Walmart for a new generator battery.  And as of 11 a.m. today, we’ve had limited power forFarewell old friend lights and refrigerator, tv and… computer.

Right now, at 3:30 p.m., Thursday, we have 41 mph wind gusts with white caps over the river and high tide in one hour. The lower section of pier is completely under water and the waves are breaking over the high pier.  Mister gardener is watching his small boat that is raised as high as it can go on the lift.  So far our property is high and dry but much of Tidewater and coastal North Carolina is badly flooded with a state of emergency declared for Virginia.

Ginkgoes against the windowsRain continues to pound us and trees are tilting precariously. Temperatures outside hover around 50 degrees.  Temperatures inside hover around 59 degrees in every room but the family room where a roaring fire keeps all of us toasty warm. By the weekend, this slow moving offspring from Ida should be moving toward the northeast.

Good riddance!

Ann Hohenberger, The Garden Club of Gloucester

9 thoughts on “Ida, Go Home!

  1. Most interesting reading – I got the link to your post from Merry Abbitt, who has been reading my tales of woe from Ida on FB all day. I’m in the Northern Neck, on Lower Machodoc Creek just around the bend from the Potomac. We have not (yet) lost power, but have had very high tide/storm surge levels.Tomorrow will be quite revealing I’m sure. Persevere, and I am so sorry for the loss of your trees – –


  2. Thanks all. We awoke on Friday to high winds, high water, no electricity and NO rain! We registered 5.54″ of rainfall and we believe about a 5′ tide surge. Boat is fine. Pier is fine. Neighbors with chain saws are making the rounds and helping mister gardener with the downed maple. Thoughts go to the many who are much worse off than we are from this storm.


  3. mr fisherman and Katie went to Sarah Creek to check on beloved boat while I stayed at home listening to branches crack. He said that the tide was at least two feet above the dock–as high as Isabel. Tide tonight is supposed to be extremely high, so off they go again. My rain gauge is over 6″ and wind and rain still here. Haven’t lost electricity but many have.
    Stay dry, warm, and safe!


  4. Houston, we have power… and heat! Dinah, thank goodness the winds have calmed to about 15 mph. Rain has returned and wish it would stop! Hope mr fisherman and Katie are very careful. That must be one special boat!


  5. Read about your trials with the generator. Here is the advice I received after losing my generator during Isabel: Every 3-4 weeks, run the generator for at least 30 min to keep the battery charged. Also when stopping the generator, do this by switching off the flow of fuel to the carbuerator and letting the engine die. That prevents the carb from clogging. So far so good for my generator standing by me. Enjoyed seeing you yesterday in Newport News. Lois


    • It was good seeing you, too, Lois, and I enjoyed the meeting. Thank you for the generator advice. Mister gardener is in charge of generator duty. I will pass along your pointers to him…. and maybe we will have a working generator for the next weather event.


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