My Garden Shed

Mister gardener built a garden shed for me, a wonderful sanctuary in a style straight from Mr. McGregor’s English garden. It’s a lovely 10×10 cottage garden shed that houses everything garden. I’ve had it for several years now and inside it is neatly organized into work areas.  I have containers of potting mixes, Holly Tone, Plant Tone, coconut bricks, on one wall.  Shelving holds clay pots organized by shape and size and well organized wall grids and hooks hold gardening gadgets and tools of the trade. Other shelving holds plant labels and seeds and Neem oils, watering cans and gloves.

CupolaI love my small home away from home just a short walk from the house. I can throw up the window sashes to catch breezes off the river and putter inside to my hearts content.  The shed is now nestled into the border with trellises on two walls for climbing plants… clematis, honeysuckle, and even tomatoes sometimes grow up the wall.  A Williamsburg bird bottle on the side attracts a fussy wren every year and crushed oyster paths around both sides of the shed lead to the compost.  On the shingled roof, a copper weather vane sings an eerie melody as it turns with the wind atop the cupola.

When it was first completed and mister gardener proudly led me inside, I looked around at the empty roomand loft that seemed vast, and thoughts of a day bed and a lamp on a small table jumped into my mind.  But it’s become a different spot of relaxation where I can daydream and plan for future garden projects.

Two of my granddaughters, ages 6 and 8 at that time, took a good, long look at the shed and began to whisper.  Later they drew up their own list of improvements that they left for me and mister gardener to find. Of course I saved the list.  It’s marvelous and who knows what the future holds?  Anything can happen.

Annie’s and Caroline’s list of improvements for Nana’s shed:

  1. Add a garage
  2. A pink and a green golf cart
  3. T.V. and Wii
  4. A pink refrigerator
  5. 2 pink spinning chairs
  6. Bathroom and toilet with fuzzy seat
  7. Small stove
  8. A pink rug
  9. A table for two
  10. Hot tub
  11. Monogrammed towels, one white, one lavender
  12. Pull out beds

I would love to read about YOUR garden shed.  Leave a comment.

Ann Hohenberger, The Garden Club of Gloucester

14 thoughts on “My Garden Shed

  1. FYI: A little info. on the Williamsburg bird bottle: The originals were made at the William Rogers pottery manufactory in Yorktown, Virginia, ca. 1720 to 1745. Bird bottle sherds are commonly found in excavations in Williamsburg, Yorktown, and all the surrounding counties. AKA the “poor potter,” Rogers operated his shop in direct violation of British laws that restricted industrial development in the colonies. In correspondence to the London-based Board of Trade in 1732, Lieutenant Governor William Gooch wrote that: “there is one poor Potter’s work for course earthenware, which is of so little consequence…”. This statement was untrue; Rogers operation was prolific and hugely successful, and his wares are found in excavations as far north as Maine, as far south as the West Indies, and in Bermuda!


    • I intended to insert a photo but I did not have one! Imagine that. I have built it up in my heart but it is quite cozy (meaning small). I will post a photo soon, I promise.


    • I have been searching the web for a site that either has the plans to build a Williamsburg Garden Shed or a place that manufacturer’s them. The only one I can find is Gardensheds, in New Jersey. Did your gardener have a plan for your garden shed, and if so, where did he purchase it? I want to “re-do” our garden area, and the gardening shed needs to be put in first.
      Thank you so much.


  2. I, too, dream about using our garden shed originally christened The Honey Moon Hut. Alas, it has never housed honeymooners nor allowed me in. Instead, it is stuffed, and I mean stuffed, with old life preservers and every other imaginable boat article…


  3. I’m just curious…was the shed built from a set of p lans? It is appears very similar to one in a Sunset “Sheds & Barns” book I have. I particulraly liked that shed but nowhere within the book does it give any info on the shed or where to purchase plans. Let me know if you should get a chance; If there is a set of plans available “out there” I’d love to try and purchase it. Yours is just beautiful! Thanks very much! Vivian Schile


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